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It all started with just one idea...

My passion for travelling goes back further than I can remember. Ever since my first visit abroad, renting a car has always been a must. I've always been keen to explore far and wide, and could never just sit still.

Staying in control and travelling at my own pace has always been crucial to me. I can also still remember countless hours spent researching where to go and what to see every time I went abroad.

This is where the idea of AudioDrive came to my head for the first time! 'What if I could design some awesome tours to help others explore the area in their own rental car?' - I thought to myself. 

This was back in 2017 and that's when the adventure of creating AudioDrive began. I started making connections with local guides, designing the app and researching many other aspects of the project.

A good few years of hard work later, in 2022, I am proud to present you with a fantastic & innovative way of exploring your favourite holiday destinations thanks to AudioDrive.

I really hope that you enjoy what has been created over the last few years and thank you for reading this brief story of AudioDrive!

Dominik Vega - Founder of AudioDrive

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